2021 Baseball Seating Capacity

Latest update (March 19): Detroit Tigers capacity increased to 20%

2021 Major League Baseball Seating Plans Still Evolving

Ballpark seating plans for the 2021 Major League Baseball season continue to change daily, and differs by team. We’ve compiled the latest plan for each team below. The plans for Opening Day are set, and will most likely evolve throughout the season as it becomes more safe for all ballparks to operate at full capacity.

Finding Tickets while under capacity restrictions

Restricted capacities will mean that tickets will be hard to come by, unless you are already a season ticket holder. However, tickets will find their way to the secondary market. There are many reputable brokers online, a few that even provide ticket discounts. Among the highest-rated brokers are Ticket Network for price, and StubHub, for selection.

Expect prices to be high, as supply is limited and demand is high. Dodgers opening day tickets in the bleachers were over $1000, the last time we checked (and their capacity plans are still undetermined).

2021 Seating Plans by Team

Arizona Diamondbacks: Allowed 25% capacity – (approx. 12,000 fans). The team also plans to close the upper concourse for select games, limiting attendance even further. Find D-Backs tickets.

Atlanta Braves: The Braves will allow 33% capacity at Truist Park, which is about 13,500 fans.

Seating Capacity for the 2021 MLB Baseball season will be limited.
Seating Capacity for MLB games in 2021 will be limited. Some seats will be physically restricted from fans.

Baltimore Orioles: The Orioles will allow 25% capacity at Oriole Park to start the 2021 baseball season…about 11,000 fans.

Boston Red Sox: The Red Sox will allow up to 4,500 fans (12% capacity). For parking, ticket, and hotel advice, read our complete guide to Fenway Park.

Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox: On March 8, the city announced that the teams could start the season with up to 20% capacity – or just over 8,000 fans each.

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Cincinnati Reds: The Reds will start the 2021 season with seating capacity for 12,700 fans – 30% occupancy.

Cleveland Indians: Allowed up to 30% capacity (10,500 fans).

Colorado Rockies: On March 9th, the Colorado Rockies received permission to start the season at 42.6% capacity, or 21,363 fans at Coors Field. To find the best seats and other Coors Field information, go to Best Rockies Seats.

Detroit Tigers: The Tigers will allow 8,200 fans to begin the season, or 25% capacity at Comerica Park.

Houston Astros: Although the governor has opened Texas 100%, the Astros will allow only 25% capacity (10,300 fans).

Kansas City Royals: Announced on March 5 that Kauffman Stadium will allow for about 10,000 fans in pod-style seating. This is about 30% capacity. For Kauffman Stadium seating recommendations, visit Best Baseball Seats.

Los Angeles Angels: The state of California ruled on Friday March 5 that the Angels can start the season at 20% capacity – approximately 9,00 fans.

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Los Angeles Dodgers: Will begin the season with 20% capacity at Dodger Stadium (11,200 fans). Read Dodger Stadium Seating recommendations on Best Baseball Seats.

Miami Marlins: Planning to allow up to 25% capacity, or around 9,000 fans.

Milwaukee Brewers: Per mlb.com, the Brewers have approval to host 25% capacity at American Family Field (10,500 fans). Tailgating does not appear to be allowed at this point.

Minnesota Twins: Lobbying the state to allow up to 10,000 fans per game.

New York Mets: On March 18, the governor allowed the Mets to host 8,400 fans to start the season (or 20% of Citi Field capacity). Learn more about Citi Field in our guide to Mets games.

New York Yankees: The Yankees will begin the 2021 baseball season with seating capacity at 20%, or 10,800 fans. Visit our Yankees page for more information on Yankee Stadium.

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Oakland Athletics: 20% capacity at RingCentral Coliseum was approved by California Governor Newsom on March 5th to start the season. RingCentral Coliseum seating recommendations.

Philadelphia Phillies: Per Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, planning to allow up to 20% capacity, including about 8,000 fans.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Per Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, planning to allow up to 20% capacity – 7,672 fans.

San Diego Padres: California ruled on March 5th that 20% (approx. 8,500 fans) will be allowed to start the season at Petco Park. Learn more about the best seating options at Petco Park.

San Francisco Giants: 20% capacity (8,000 fans) will be allowed. Oracle Park seating recommendations.

Seattle Mariners: The Mariners announced on March 11th that they will allow 9,000 fans (25% capacity) for their first 11 home games ate T-Mobile Park.

St. Louis Cardinals: The Cardinals are moving forward to allow 14,500 fans to start the season. Find Cardinals tickets, or read a great guide to Busch Stadium Seating.

Tampa Bay Rays: The Rays await final approval on their plan to allow 7,000 fans at Tropicana Field.

Texas Rangers: The Rangers have announced that they will be open to 100% capacity for Opening Day, with a slight reduction for the remaining games in April. After Opening Day, the Rangers will operate some dedicated socially-distanced sections in Left Field (241-244). If you’re planning to go to MLB’s newest ballpark this season, please read our complete coverage of Globe Life Field.

The 2021 Baseball season is likely to start with 25% capacity
25% seating capacity at Globe Life Field allows for social distancing

Toronto Blue Jays: Well, first off, the Blue Jays won’t be starting the season in Toronto. As of now, the Jays will likely start the regular season in Dunedin, Florida, and allow 15% (800 fans) capacity. They could potentially return to Buffalo or Toronto later in the season.

Washington Nationals: The District of Columbia has granted permission for the Nationals to allow 5,000 fans.


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