Baseball Ticket Discounts

The Five Best Baseball Ticket Brokers

Below, we rank the five best baseball ticket brokers.  All five are reputable, national firms that we’ve used over the years to buy tickets to MLB games.  Our price rating is based on all-in pricing – including any and all fees (shipping, convenience, inconvenience…whatever they want to call them).  

While you can buy your tickets directly from the team box office, we find that the BEST DEALS generally come through the secondary market.  Many of the tickets listed on the secondary market were originally purchased at a box-office discount; often that discount gets passed on to us! 

Before purchasing, we recommend that you compare multiple brokers to make sure you’re getting the best price for the seats you’ve selected.  Also, a few of these brokers run seasonal promotions from time to time, which we try to update on our Ticket Discounts page.

1 - Ticket Network: Best Baseball Ticket Broker


Ticket Network wins our comparison of best baseball ticket brokers, mainly due to their consistently low prices.  They’ve been in business since 2002, so they’re obviously doing something right.  With a 100% money-back guarantee, and a toll-free customer service number, you can buy with confidence.  Selection is marked down just a notch, since there are a few high-end tickets that are only available through the MLB’s official (read higher-priced) secondary market.

Check their website for their latest discount offers.

2 - Ticket Liquidator


With virtually the same selection and pricing as Ticket Network, Ticket Liquidator comes in second in our rankings of the best place to buy baseball tickets.  More than any other broker, Ticket Liquidator runs seasonal promotions which we try to keep up to date with on our discounts page.  In addition to that, they offer smaller, year-round discounts directly on their website.

3 - Vivid Seats - rising star among ticket brokers


Vivid Seats earns high marks for low everyday pricing, and carries a solid inventory of tickets.  Vivid Seats was once an unknown, but their reputation has grown recently, and they’ve started an effective and lower budget ad campaign.  Sometimes, we find the lowest price tickets on Vivid Seats. While no one can complete with Stub Hub’s selection, when comparable tickets are listed on Vivid Seats and Stub Hub, Vivid Seats wins nearly every time.  Vivid Seats rarely runs discounts, but with every day low pricing, they don’t necessarily need to.

4 - Stub Hub - baseball ticket broker with best selection


Ranked 4th among the best baseball ticket brokers, Stub Hub is the most well known of all the brokers.  With excellent customer service, they’ve earned their solid reputation.  Also, they win when it comes to selection.  Stub Hub has the greatest selection of seats by a solid margin.  They have seats in inventory that the other brokers simply do not have access to.

Where Stub Hub comes up short is in their higher pricing, which only seems to be increasing.  Sellers mark their prices up to account for StubHub’s 10% sellers fees, then we buyers get to pay another 15% in fees on top of that!  

StubHub rarely runs deals, but when they do, we publish their discount codes on our Discounts page.

5 - Awesome Seating - 5th best baseball ticket broker


Probably the least known of our top 5, Awesome Seating is an emerging player in the retail secondary ticket market.  Since launching their retail business in 2007, they’ve grown rapidly and carry a growing inventory of baseball tickets.  Pricing, with fees, is better than StubHub and most other brokers online.  While they rank 5th on our list, this still ranks them ahead of hundreds of other ticket outlets – and you’re still more likely to find a great deal on Awesome Seating than through the Team Ticket Office. 

Again, we strongly encourage you to visit 2 or more of the brokers listed above to comparison shop and take the deal that works best for you.  All 5 have a long history of satisfied customers and a money-back guarantee, so buy with confidence from any of the above!