Boston Red Sox - Fenway Park

The Fenway Park Guide for the Ultimate Traveler

In this ultimate Fenway Park guide, we’ll provide useful information to help you make the most of your trip to

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Hotel Near Ballpark

Hotels Near Fenway Park and other Boston Lodging

There are a variety of hotels near Fenway Park and other places to stay for Red Sox games. Boston is

Parking near Fenway Park in Boston

Parking near Fenway Park can be quite adventurous, but affordable – even free – parking exists. Because Fenway Park sits

View from atop the Green Monster

Best Seats at Fenway Park – Boston Red Sox

The best seats for Boston Red Sox games at Fenway Park are a matter of perspective. Are you looking for

Best View at Fenway Park

Best View at Fenway Park for Red Sox games

If you’re looking for the best view at Fenway Park for Red Sox games, we have a few recommendations. Depending