Best Seats for New York Mets – Citi Field

The best seats for New York Mets games at Citi Field – or any ballpark – are a matter of perspective. Are you looking for the best view, or the cheapest seats? Want to get autographs, or catch a baseball? Maybe you have an important client or date you’re trying to impress. Or maybe, you’re just trying to survive a night at the ballpark with your children. We’ve been there in each of these situations, so whatever your circumstances may be, we dig in below.

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Best View at Citi Field

RECOMMENDED: Excelsior Box and Excelsior Gold 309-329

These are the best seats for New York Mets games at Citi Field, in our opinion. Awesome views from “press box” height. These seats have become quite affordable on both Vivid Seats and Ticket Network, found for as little as $20 – but ranging above $100, depending on the game. The seats are padded, and provide access to the Foxwoods Club, the Jim Beam Highball Club, and the Porsche Grill. Of these, the Foxwoods Club is located right behind these seats, and while it doesn’t offer a great view of the field, it does offer respite from hot or cold temperatures (or rain, sleet, or snow) – and great views of Corona Park and even Manhattan.

Seats with Best View for New York Mets
The best view at Citi Field, from Excelsior Gold section 320


Parts of Upper Promenade (500 level) sections:

The entire sections aren’t bad…actually providing some affordable seating options, although the view isn’t the best in the ballpark. Note that handrails, staircases, and the auxiliary scoreboards obstruct the view in the first few rows. In addition to being a long way from the plate, the out of town scoreboard blocks part of the view in the last rows in sections 536-538.

Citi Field View
Not the best view at Citi Field – section 535

Promenade Box 433-437:

These left field upper deck seats are quite a distance from home plate – because the price differential is generally around $5, we’d recommend you pay a little extra to have much better seats on the level just below (Left Field Landing 334-337) – or to look for seats in Right Field section 301 (read more here).

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Cheap Tickets for Mets games

Promenade Outfield 533-538

Listed at under $10 on Vivid Seats (fees will push these closer to $15) this is the lowest price you’ll find for Mets tickets. I’d avoid the high row numbers since they’re about as far from home plate as you can get, especially in 536-538 since the scoreboard blocks your view. Also, we’ve heard that handrails and walkways block part of the view in rows 1-3 in the Promenade Outfield.

Coca-Cola Corner 301-303

For about $20 (fees included) on Ticket Network, you can get tickets in the right field upper deck. Unlike other outfield upper decks, this one is on top of the action, and is very much in the home run landing zone. Fans have raved of the affordability, view, and the fact that concession lines seem shorter. Despite the distance from home plate, the view’s not bad. The main drawback is that you may not be able to see the warning track or bullpens. Show up early (gates open 2 hours before game time) for batting practice and bring your glove!

Affordable Mets tickets in Right Field.
Coca Cola Corner was once called Pepsi Porch – regardless, these seats are a great value

Best Value at Citi Field: Promenade Box and Gold 406 to 423:

Most affordable great view at Mets Games! These infield sections, technically on the 4th of 5 levels offer incredible views of the entire field, especially for the price. Incredibly, we’ve found these for $30 on Ticket Network. Foul balls land up here often, particularly in sections 413-416.

Citi Field Section 409 Seat View
Best Seats for New York Mets for value: Promenade section 409
(photo credit:

Best Seats at New York Mets Games for Families

When the Big Apple Reserved sections 140-142 in center field were available to the general public, they were our favorites for families. Unfortunately, they’ve become group seating. However, the adjacent sections still offer a great option for families.

Left Field Reserved 134-139 and Right Field Reserved 101-103:

We love these sections for a few reasons. First, they are lower level – no need to drag the family to the top of the stadium! They’re also the most affordable lower level seats at Citi Field, clocking in around $30 on Ticket Network (before fees).

They are close to the Mets FanFest, on the field-level concourse beyond center field. In this area, you’ll find appearances by Mr. Met, a batting cage, dunk tank, and other attractions should the kids lose interest in the game. The FanFest area opens when gates open, and closes during the 7th inning stretch.

Mr Met is around the best seats for families at Citi Field

When deciding between the right field and left field sections, note that the sun shines longer into right field. However, right field section 101 also is located close to the bullpens, which may offer some excitement/distraction to the young fan when a pitcher starts to warm up.

All guests entering Citi Field who are 32″ or taller require a ticket. Children under 32″ tall do not require a ticket, but must sit on a parent’s lap during the game without obstructing the view of other guests. A seat will not be provided without a ticket.

new york mets website

Mr. Met appearances

Mr. Met appears in the Fan Fest area in the center field concourse 50 minutes before game time, and during the 2nd inning. In the bottom of the 4th inning, he appears in the Promenade food court, behind home plate (promenade level).

Kids Run the Bases at Citi Field

At Citi Field, like at many other MLB stadiums, kids can actually run the bases following Sunday afternoon games. You’ll be asked to exit and line back up, and this is, of course, weather permitting.

Kids Meals at Citi Field

There’s a concession stand behind Section 121 on the Field Level that sells kids meals featuring a hot dog, popcorn, drink, and prize.

Best Seats to Impress Guests at New York Mets Games

Delta Gold & Silver Sections 11-19:

Lower level seats right behind home plate, the view from the seats alone is pretty impressive…but wait, there’s more! The seats are padded, theatre-style seats and offer in-seat wait service. You also get access to 4 different exclusive clubs inside Citi Field. Incredibly, the Delta Club Silver seats list on StubHub for under $100, depending on the game. That’s an incredible value!

If you want to sit in the first few rows, those seats are considered “Gold” level, and are priced appropriately at about $400 per game. You can’t go wrong with either option if you are looking to seal the deal!

Club Access at Citi Field

Best Seats for Catching a Baseball at Citi Field

Coca-Cola Corner 301-303:

As mentioned above, these seats can be bought for around $20 (fees included) on Ticket Network. The seats are in the right field upper deck, which feels on top of the action — and very much in the home run landing zone. Show up early (gates open 2 hours before game time) for batting practice, and bring your glove! Read more tips on getting a ball at the ballpark.

Best Seats at Citi Field for catching baseballs
Now called Coca-Cola Corner, these upper deck seats fetch their fair share of batting practice home runs

Best Seats at Mets Games for Autographs

Field Box 109-110, 125-126:

Lower level seats just past the infield, these offer a great view close to the action if you want to sit here during the game, and offer some access to the clubs. There are nets in front of these sections – nets extend from section 109 through 126. While the nets add a layer of difficulty in getting autographs, fans and players have adjusted to the new way of life. Note that you don’t need a ticket to be here until ~45 minutes before game time, but guests without tickets here will be asked to leave at that time. It’s best to get here as soon as gates open, 2 hours before the game (Rotunda gate). You should be able to find tickets in this area for under $100.

For Mets autographs, section 110 is best, whereas visiting fans will want to hang out near section 126 for their teams autographs.

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