The Fenway Park Guide for the Ultimate Traveler

In this ultimate Fenway Park guide, we’ll provide useful information to help you make the most of your trip to Boston, and Fenway Park.

  • The best seats for Red Sox games
  • The best brokers for baseball tickets
  • Parking near Fenway Park
  • Hotels and Lodging options in Boston
  • Travel Tips
  • Other useful Fenway Park tips

Fenway Park Attendance

Fenway Park Capacity:  37,731
2019 Fenway Park Attendance:  36,106 (96% full)

Fenway Park Guide to Seating

Fenway Park, being one of the smallest, most intimate parks in MLB, sells out often. It’s usually 90%+ full! But, the best seats at Red Sox games are truly a matter of perspective.  Maybe you’re looking for the best view – or maybe you’re looking for the cheapest seats you can find. The cheap seats may not work if you’re trying to impress a client or date…but may be ideal for a family. We answer all of these and more in our article Best Seats at Fenway Park. Typically, you can find the best deals on Ticket Network.

Fenway Park Seats – some from the 1930’s

One historical feature of Fenway is the wooden seats which date back to the 1930’s, and are used in Grandstand sections 1-33. The seats are smaller than the modern ballpark seat (which aren’t that big themselves), and not known for comfort. Large people will probably not enjoy sitting in these seats.

How to Save Money on Red Sox Tickets

We’ve bought hundreds of baseball tickets over the years – possibly a thousand – utilizing a number of different brokers.  Our post Best Brokers for Baseball Tickets contained a detailed comparison of five popular ticket re-sellers and concluded that the best prices can generally be found at Ticket NetworkStub Hub has higher prices for comparable tickets, but may also list tickets that you can’t find elsewhere.  We always suggest that you comparison shop a few of the top 5 brokers for baseball tickets before buying. Also, we keep an updated list of the latest baseball ticket discount codes to bring you even more savings!

Fenway Park Must See: The Red Seat

No Fenway Park Guide would be complete if it didn't discuss the red seat!

The red seat, that sits among a sea of green seats in section 42, indicates where the longest home run ever hit at Fenway Park is. 502 feet from home plate, seat 21 in row 37, indicates where a Ted Williams home run landed on June 9, 1946.

Fenway Park Gates Open – 90 minutes before game time

All gates open 90 minutes before game time at Fenway Park. If you’re looking for autographs, or looking to catch a batting practice home run, we advise you get there as soon as gates open. Additionally, one of the streets outside Fenway serves as a street fair, with live music, concessions, and autographs with Red Sox legends.

Otherwise, hang out in the Cask ‘n Flagon for another round. ESPN voted Cask ‘n Flagon the top baseball bar in the nation; of course, ESPN is headquartered in New England, so I’m sure there a few other bars who may debate that ranking, and claim East Coast bias.

Stuff for Kids at Fenway Park

There’s a lot of activities around Fenway Park that children (of all ages) will enjoy. As mentioned above, there’s a street fair that takes place outside of Fenway Park upon gate opening. The fair features family entertainment, including mascot appearances, face painting, live music, and the like.

Once inside Fenway, be sure to check out Wally’s clubhouse. It’s an area with plenty of entertainment for kids, near the big concourse out in right center field at street level. While there’s no view to the field from here, there are plenty of TVs displaying the ballgame.

Sun & Shade at Fenway Park

Fenway Park is a pretty open stadium; the only seats with their own natural coverage are the upper rows of the Grandstand sections on the first level. Many of these seats have their view to the action blocked by a pole.

Seats along the first base line and in right field will be subjected to more sunlight than 3rd base line for evening games.   When in doubt, be sure to bring NON AEROSOL sunscreen.

Getting to Fenway Park

The most convenient way to get to Fenway Park is by using public transportation (or walking, if you’re staying nearby). The MTBA offers buses, commuter rail, and “The T”. Your best bet is to use their convenient Trip Planner so you can make sure to arrive on time!

Parking at Fenway Park

Fenway Park was built in a densely populated area, so there are no large mega-lots attached to the ballpark. Parking can be difficult around Fenway Park, but you can save time and money by reserving a spot online through Spot Hero. Get more details on reserving cheap parking, finding FREE PARKING, and accessible parking by reading our full-length write up Parking Near Fenway Park.

Where to Stay near Fenway Park

As a residential neighborhood, there are plenty of places to stay near Fenway Park. Perhaps the best place to stay, and where we stayed, is the Sheraton, a little less than a mile – and a pleasant walk – away. Many opposing teams actually stay here, so if you’re here following your team, you may run into them in the lobby. It’s a little less than a 15 minute walk to the stadium (with plenty of distractions along the way), and also conveniently located close to the rail stations.


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