Parking near Fenway Park in Boston

Parking near Fenway Park can be quite adventurous, but affordable – even free – parking exists. Because Fenway Park sits in a densely populated area, there’s not 1 large lot for fans on stadium grounds, like most of the baseball complexes built during the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. If you’re planning on showing up on game day looking for cheap parking right next to the stadium, you’ll be disappointed – and may waste time driving around, end up over-paying and/or end up further out than you’d like. There are better, affordable ways to park at Red Sox games:

Reserve Red Sox Parking Online

Parking Map shows where you can save money on parking for Red Sox games near Fenway Park
Spot Hero has many affordable parking options near Fenway Park

The neighborhood surrounding the Red Sox ballpark offers plenty of affordable parking options in privately run lots, that you can reserve online. Save money by booking parking in advance through Spot Hero. We like this option because:

  • You won’t need to waste time driving around on game day – looking for a lot that’s not sold out, overpriced, or a mile away
  • You’ll know your price in advance, so you’re less likely to get gouged
  • No need to carry – or burn through all your cash
  • You know where the lot is located in proximity to the stadium, and how to get there

Free Parking Options!

Street parking along Bay State Road near Boston University (north east of Fenway) is free after 5pm from Monday thru Saturday, and all day on Sunday. About a half mile away, it’s not one of the best-kept secrets in town, but it’s worth a try. These will fill up quickly, so be sure to arrive early.

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Accessible Parking for Red Sox Games

There’s not a lot of accessible parking at Fenway, but the Red Sox are always trying to improve this. Because they are making changes in recent years, please check out the Red Sox site for all the latest details.

SpotHero makes parking for Red Sox games very convenient!


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