Best View at Fenway Park for Red Sox games

If you’re looking for the best view at Fenway Park for Red Sox games, we have a few recommendations. Depending on your budget, you should be able to find a great view of the game, especially since Fenway is one of the smallest parks in the league.

Very Best View at Fenway Park: Field Box 21-76

Although these run anywhere from $100 to $250 each on Ticket Network, the chance to sit this close to the action in a classic ballpark might be worth it to you. You’ll pay a little more the closer you sit to home plate. We like sections 21-32 down the first base line because they’re close to the Red Sox dugout, and you get a perfect view of the Green Monster.

Loge Box Sections 108-152, rows DD and higher

These are located on the lower level, just behind the Field Box seats mentioned above. We’ve found tickets for about $100 on Ticket Liquidator – and we like the seats along the first base line (sections 108-124). Avoid the first few rows of these sections (rows AA-CC) because there is a walkway right in front of these sections that could be distracting.

Avoid the first few rows (rows AA-CC) of Loge Box because there’s a walkway right in front of these rows.

Great view at Fenway Park: Dell EMC Club sections 1-6

Perfect birds-eye view of the entire playing surface from the second level behind the plate. These sections are located about where the press box is in most stadiums. They come with a padded seat and provide you with access to the Dell EMC Club, an air-conditioned VIP clubhouse. Although these seats are sold on a season-ticket basis only, we’ve found them on Ticket Liquidator for about $350-$400. Discounts on these tickets are often available by checking here for Ticket Liquidator promotions.

EMC Club offers one of the best views at Fenway Park
EMC Level seats, shown in blue, offer one of the best views at Fenway Park


Although Fenway Park is a small, intimate ballpark, you’ll want to AVOID THE MANY OBSTRUCTED VIEW SEATS.

Avoid Grandstand Sections 11-12, 26-29 – HIGH ROWS:

There are poles throughout these sections, which obstruct views to much of the action – except from the few rows.  Ticket marked with “Obstructed View” on them have 2 or more elements of the game blocked (pitcher, batter, or base). Tickets with 1 element of the game blocked are not labeled as “Obstructed View”, even if the pitcher or batter are blocked. If in doubt, check out Precise Seating. While not user friendly, their app highlights the obstructions from each seat at Fenway!

Avoid Loge Box Seats, rows AA-CC:

Tickets are stamped with “Walkway Advisory” on them as people will be walking in front of you during the game and in between innings. You’re better off sitting a few rows back.


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