Best Seats for San Diego Padres

Depending on what you’re looking for, the best seats for San Diego Padres games at Petco Park can be defined many ways:

  • Do you want seats with the best view, or cheap tickets to a Padres game?
  • Are you bringing children, or trying to impress a client — or date?
  • Are you seeking autographs, or hoping to catch a home run?
Best Seats for San Diego Padres

As life-long baseball fans (and now a baseball family), our ballpark journey has evolved over time – putting us in each of the situations above. Continue reading below, as our guide to the best seats at Petco Park provides insights on each.

Best View at Petco Park

Premier Club A-L

Seats on the upper level of field level behind home plate. These seats are extra wide and conveniently located to a number of amenities. Jump on Ticket Network to find tickets for less than $100. Also, be sure to look for and apply coupon codes that we track here to save some dough.

Toyota Terrace 201-210

These are Club-Level seats that offer a perfect birds-eye view of all the action, and these sections are located between the dugouts. Midweek games sell for around $50.

Great View at Petco Park - Toyota Terrace
Great View From Toyota Terrace at Petco Park (photo: SeatData)

Best Value for Padres Games

Upper Infield Reserved 300-312

Tickets run very close to the get-in price of $20, despite the superior view in these sections. Similarly-priced Right Field Upper Reserved and Upper Pavilion seats are further into the outfield. It’s generally better to sit closer to home plate – even 1 deck higher – if prices are similar.

Best Value Seats at Petco Park -Section 309 view
Great value in upper reserved section 309 (photo credit: SeatData)

Right Field/Left Field Lower Box 126-137

These seats on the lower level, just beyond the home run fence are also great for catching balls during batting practice. The even numbered sections 126-134 are in left field, also close to both team’s bullpens. The odd sections 129-137 are in right field, but the BOX section only comprises the first few rows; note that there are about 20 more rows above these, in Right Field “Lower Reserved” sections. The price differential is usually not too great, so we recommend the Box seats.

Also, note that there is a party section just in front of the right field sections, so you are not directly on the fence…there are a few rows between you and the field. If you want to be right on the fence, check out the left field sections (even #’s 126-134). You should be able to find tickets available in the $25 range normally.

Petco Park Section 128 view
Petco Park view from left field lower box – section 128 (photo credit: SeatData)

Best Seats for Impressing Guests at Petco Park

Lexus Home Plate Club Sections 0-6:

The first 5 rows of high-back padded luxury seats behind home plate and between the dugouts are the Lexus Club. These tickets include unlimited food and drinks, in-seat service, and access to the Home Plate Club Restaurant and Lounge. Decorated in a very classic, dark wood, dimly-lit ambiance, the Lounge offers a view to the indoor batting cages. The included food and drink consists of beer, wine, and liquor, as well as a buffet with a carving station.

San Diego Padres Home Plate Club Lounge
The Lounge inside the Lexus Home Plate Club at Petco Park

Premier Club A-L:

As mentioned above, these provide one of the best views of the game in the stadium. Wider, padded seats provide access to the Omni Premier Club and offer in-seat service. These are quite affordable at under $75 each, and sit in the shade for most of the game.

Petco Park Premier Club offers a great view of the game and surrounding neighborhood in San Diego
Petco Park Premier Club offers a great view of the game and surrounding neighborhood in San Diego

Best Seats for Getting a Baseball at Petco Park

126-134 Left Field Lower Box:

Bring your glove, because this is the place to be during batting practice (or games) to catch home runs! Right handed sluggers hit plenty of balls into these sections during batting practice every night. Arrive early! Gates open 90 minutes before game time, which gives you 45 minutes to watch the visiting team’s batting practice.

You should be able to find Left Field Lower Box tickets available in the $25 range normally

Stand on an aisle in the lower half of the section to maximize your opportunity at getting a ball. Increase your chances of getting a ball tossed to you by standing in the front row, if possible.

Read our article for more “Tips on Getting a Ball at an MLB Game”.


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