Best Seats at Yankee Stadium for Yankees Games

Depending on what Yankee tickets you’re looking for, the best seats at Yankee Stadium can be defined many ways:

As life-long baseball fans (and now a baseball family), we’ve attended ballgames in each of the above situations. Continue reading below, as our guide to the best seats at Yankee Stadium provides insights on each.

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Best View at Yankee Stadium

Below is a summary of our more detailed article “Best View at Yankee Stadium“:

For $400+, Legends Suite 11-29:

The closest to the action, and seats built for a king! Quite possibly the most expensive seats in baseball. Extra large seats, with in-seat service, they’ll set you back a pretty penny, but it just may be worth it. TIP: They’re hard to find, but most often available on Stub Hub.

Best View at Yankee Stadium - Legends Suite
Seats in the Legends Suite sections are built for kings
For ~$300+, Field Sections 114A-127A

Located right behind the Legends Suite sections, these seats still offer an incredible view of the action, at a slightly more affordable price.

For ~$125, Main 213-227B

A more affordable option, these seats are on the second level around home plate. Check Ticket Network for these.

Cheapest Tickets at Yankee Stadium – and Best Value

Finding cheap seats at Yankee Stadium is certainly challenging, but they do exist. While the views aren’t the best, at least you’re able to soak in the ballpark atmosphere! Below is a brief summary from our detailed article: Cheapest Tickets for New York Yankee games.

Cheapest seats at Yankee Stadium

You can get into Yankee Stadium for as little as $20 (plus fees) on Ticket Network. Grandstand sections 405 and 434B may be as far away from home plate as you can get, but you’ll still get that Yankee Stadium atmosphere.

Bleachers 202-204 and 235-238:

These start at around $30 online, which isn’t bad when you consider everything is more expensive in New York City. These are metal bleacher seats with no seat back – definitely not the most comfortable. Located in both left-center and right-center field, these are assigned seats. Beware the language of the “bleacher creatures”, particularly in sections 237 and 238. 237 and 238 are near the visitors bullpen, where the “bleacher creatures” love to give the visiting team a proper New York welcome.

Bleachers: Cheap Tickets at Yankee Stadium
Bleacher sections 235-238 are some of the most affordable Yankee tickets

For other cheap seat suggestions at Yankee Stadium, please be sure to read our longer post, “Cheap Tickets for New York Yankees Games“.

Best Seats for Impressing Guests

Legends Suite 11-29

The first few rows behind the plate and around the dugouts with luxurious, padded, theatre-type seats. Simply the most comfortable seats with the best view in the ballpark, where you’ll be close to the action on the field, “A-list” celebrities, and Australian models. For high-rollers and big-ballers only. The best selection of Legends Suite tickets is on StubHub.

Field Level/Field MVP sections 114A-127A:

Just a few rows behind the Legends Suite sections, these offer a great view.

Catching a ball at Yankee Stadium

Field Sections 103,104,132-136:

Bring your glove, because this is the place to be during batting practice (or games) to catch homers. Gates open 2 hours before game time (except for 6:35pm start times – only 1-1/2 hours). This allows you the opportunity to be there for the end of Yankees batting practice, which runs from 2½ hours before game time to roughly 1-hour,40-minutes (100 minutes) before, with visitors BP running from 1½ hours through 45 minutes prior to first pitch. Note that teams often decide to skip batting practice for day games, particularly late in the season.

Read more on this topic in our detailed write-up on catching a ball at Yankee Stadium, or our Tips for Getting a Ball at an MLB Game.

Sections 105,106, rows 14 and lower

Right field lower deck sections that are not covered by the upper deck. There aren’t a lot of rows in these sections where you will catch a ball, but these are close to the foul pole, so the odds are good in these rows if you show up early enough for batting practice.

“Main” Level Sections 205-206

Right field upper deck sections that overhang the lower level. Perfect landing spot for left-handed hitters home runs.

Right Field Sections at Yankee Stadium ideal for catching Homeruns
Sections on both the 100 level and 200 level in Right Field are ideal for catching home runs during batting practice at Yankee Stadium.

Best Seats for Families

Grandstand Sections 407A and 433 – Alcohol Free Sections

Alcohol is not sold, nor allowed to be consumed, in these sections. These are highest-level outfield seats, far from the action, but tickets sell in the $20 range. There is no sun protection here, so be sure to bring sunscreen for day games.

Bleachers (maybe)

A great value for bringing the entire family IF (and it’s a big IF) you can handle the rowdiness that the bleachers are known for. It’s mainly language you need to be concerned about – not violence.

These are assigned seats, rather than general admission, so you won’t be able to claim any open space and sit there. However, without the arm rests in your way, there may be an opportunity to spread out. You should also consider that there are no backrests here. So you’ll need to consider if the low prices on Ticket Network and decent view are worth the trade-off.

Yankee Stadium Bleachers

Best Seats for the Social Scene

NEW IN 2020 – Stella Artois Landing and Michelob Ultra Clubhouse

The Yankees are adding two new social gathering sections at Yankee Stadium at the beginning of the 2020 season – accessible to ALL TICKET HOLDERS. The Stella Artois Landing will be built into sections 232A and 232B in left field; in right field sections 207 and 208, the Michelob Ultra Clubhouse will be built. Larger groups can book these areas for pre-game parties, as well.


Notorious for rowdiness, the low ticket prices make these seats popular among college students and young professionals.


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