Parking Near Yankee Stadium

Parking near Yankee Stadium is quite the challenge, especially since the Yankees don’t own or control any of the lots around Yankee Stadium. If you wait to buy on game day, you’re likely to encounter heavy traffic, high prices, and sold-out lots.

Affordable, Convenient, and Safe Parking Near Yankee Stadium

Even if not connected to the stadium, there are some good parking options near Yankee Stadium. ParkWhiz lists many professionally run, safe parking lots that you can reserve in advance online. This is a legit site that vets and works with independent lot owners all over the US. We’ve used ParkWhiz often, and find them fairly priced and professionally managed. Additionally, it’s great knowing that your spot is reserved – it will be there when you arrive!

Parking near Yankee Stadium
Yankee Stadium Parking map

We highly recommend that you buy your parking in advance through ParkWhiz, instead of winging it in The Bronx.


Winging it in the Bronx (not recommended)

Thinking of driving into the Bronx and looking for parking on game day? It’s possible you’ll save a few bucks, but you may want to reconsider.

First, the best bargain lots will sell out before the others…probably right as you roll up. Get there early – or you’ll have to settle for a lot at a price or location you’re not comfortable with.

Lots are independently owned, so the operator can charge whatever price they want. While prices are clearly marked when you enter, they are subject to change. Operators have been known to change the sign between customers.

Finally, while there is a definite police presence around Yankee Stadium on game days, that presence dwindles further from the stadium. Wandering around unfamiliar streets in the Bronx at night is not recommended.

Purchase your parking in advance online, and avoid all these inconveniences!


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