Catching a Ball at Yankee Stadium

Use the advice below, as well as our Tips for Catching a Ball at an MLB Game to increase your odds of getting a ball at Yankee Stadium.

Catching a ball at Yankee Stadium

Your best bet for catching a ball at Yankee Stadium is before the game during batting practice. It’s best to get there as soon as gates open. Gates open 2 hours before game time, except for 6:35pm start times, when they open only 90 minutes before game time.

Also, you don’t necessarily need to have a ticket in the sections recommended below to stand there during batting practice. However, if the ticket holder for a seat shows up, you’ll kindly be asked to leave. Also, 45 minutes before first pitch, you’ll be also be asked to go to your seat.

Your chances are best to catch a ball at Yankee Stadium if you arrive as soon as gates open. Also, stand on an aisle during batting practice, so you have access to a couple sections and multiple rows.

Tips for getting a ball at an MLB Game

Field Sections 103,104,132-136:

Bring your glove, because this is the place to be during batting practice (or games) to catch homers. If you show up when gates open, you’ll be there for the end of Yankees batting practice, which runs from 2½ hours before game time to roughly 1-hour,40-minutes (100 minutes) before. Visitors BP runs from 1½ hours through 45 minutes prior to first pitch. Note that teams often decide to skip batting practice for day games, particularly late in the season.

Sections 105,106, rows 14 and lower

Right field lower deck sections that are not covered by the upper deck. There aren’t a lot of rows in these sections where you will catch a ball, but these are close to the foul pole. The odds are good in these rows if you show up early enough for batting practice.

“Main” Level Sections 205-206

Right field upper deck sections that overhang the lower level. Perfect landing spot for left-handed hitters home runs. While we were at Yankee Stadium, there were several ball that landed in the “field level” seats (1xx sections), as well as several in the 2xx “Main” level seats.

Right Field Sections at Yankee Stadium ideal for catching Homeruns
Sections on both the 100 level and 200 level in Right Field are ideal for catching home runs during batting practice at Yankee Stadium.

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