Best View at Yankee Stadium

The Best View at Yankee Stadium depends on…

The best view at Yankee Stadium can be a matter of subjectivity. Of course, it also depends on your budget! Here’s what we recommend…

Best View at Yankee Stadium for $400+: Legends Suite 11-29

If you’re looking for the absolute best view in Yankee Stadium, these seats are located in the first few rows behind home plate. Comfortably padded and extra-wide seats, these are among the most expensive seats in baseball. They also offer in-seat service, so you don’t have to miss any of the action waiting in a line for food or drink! If you want to be close to the action – and near a-list celebrities – this is the place.

These tickets aren’t always easy to find, but Stub Hub often has these available when the box office or other resellers don’t.

Best View at Yankee Stadium - Legends Suite
Seats in the Legends Suite sections are built for kings

Best View for ~$300+: Field Sections 114A-127A

Located right behind the Legends Suite sections, these seats still offer an incredible view of the action, at a slightly more affordable price.

One of the Best Views at Yankee Stadium - Section 114B
One of the best views in Yankee Stadium is from Section 114B. (Photo:

Best View for ~$125: Main Level 213-227B

A more affordable option for a great view at Yankee Stadium are Main Level sections 213-227B. These seats on the 2nd level give you a birds-eye view of the game from around home plate. While there are Field-Level tickets in this price range, they’re either in the outfield or several rows up from the field.

Prices vary for each game, but generally you can find seats here between $100-$175 on Ticket Network.

Be sure to check out our guide on the Best Seats at Yankee Stadium for other best seating options. Also, check out our Ultimate Guide on Yankee Stadium for travel, parking, and ticket buying tips!


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