Cheap Tickets for New York Yankees Games

Finding cheap tickets for New York Yankees games is certainly challenging, but it can be done. If you go in understanding that you’re there for the Yankee Stadium experience – not the view – then you should have a good time. After all, it’s the Yankees – at Yankee Stadium!

Where to Buy Cheap Tickets for New York Yankees games

When buying tickets online, it is always best to comparison shop a couple brokers before purchasing. We performed a detailed comparison of the best baseball ticket brokers for our companion site, Best Rockies Seats. While not always the case, the analysis concluded that Ticket Network more often has the lowest prices, but Stub Hub has the largest selection – by a wide margin. However, Ticket Liquidator runs occasional promotions that may make them the best place to buy baseball tickets at that time.

Where to sit (affordably) at Yankee Stadium

The Cheapest Tickets for New York Yankees games: Outfield Grandstand 405 and 434B

Starting at $20 (plus fees) on Ticket Network, if you’re truly just looking for cheap tickets for New York Yankees games, this is as good as it’s going to get. Grandstand sections 405 and 434B are about as far away from home plate as you can get. Despite this, you still get that Yankee Stadium atmosphere on most nights.

Cheapest Seats at Yankee Stadium on Seating Chart
Grandstand Sections 405 and 434B are the furthest from home plate…and the cheapest tickets to Yankees games.
Cheapest Seats for Yankees Games
The highest – and furthest seats in Yankee Stadium in Section 434B, above the foul pole.

Bleachers 202-204 and 235-238:

These start at around $30 online, which isn’t bad when you consider everything is more expensive in New York City. These are metal bleacher seats with no seat back, so they’re not the most comfortable. These bleachers are assigned seating, unlike other ballparks. Due to the small field dimensions at Yankee Stadium, the view is actually pretty good as far as bleachers go.

Bleachers: Cheap Tickets at Yankee Stadium
Bleacher sections 235-238 are some of the most affordable Yankee tickets

Note that the “bleacher creatures” have a (somewhat well deserved) reputation to get rowdy, especially in sections 237 and 238 near the visitors bullpen. It’s more about the language than any real violence, so you may want to think twice if you’re planning on bringing young children.

Grandstand 415-425, low row numbers:

We generally don’t recommend highest level seating, but these seats behind home plate do offer a good view to all the action, and sell for as little as $30 (plus fees) online.

Terrace 315-325:

These seats sell for about $75-$100 on Ticket Liquidator, higher than what I would typically call a “good value”. But since we’re talking Yankees, these seats offer a great view at a fair price.


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