Best Seats for Texas Rangers at Globe Life Field

The best seats at the Texas Rangers new stadium – Globe Life Field – or any ballpark – are a matter of perspective. Some fans are seeking the best view, while others are looking for the cheapest seats. Some want to get an autograph, or catch a baseball…or want to impress a client or date. Maybe you’re just trying to survive a night at the ballpark with your children. Our family has been in each of these exact situations, so whatever your circumstances may be, we dig in below.

Best View at Globe Life Field

We think the seats with the best view for Texas Rangers games are on the second level, behind the plate. Specifically, we like “Infield Mezzanine” sections 108-120, as shown on our Texas Rangers Seating Chart. Generally, there’s a few seats available through the Rangers ticket office, with many more available on the secondary market. StubHub (at higher costs) carries the most inventory, while Vivid Seats has lower prices (once all fees are added in).

Great Seats for Texas Rangers in Infield Mezzanine section 113
Rangers Ballpark best view
Infield Mezzanine offers one of the best views of the action at Globe Life Field

Cheapest (Good) Tickets for Texas Rangers

Globe Life Field has a wide variety of seats and prices. The best value on seats for the Texas Rangers we’ve found is Outfield Mezzanine 139-142 in left field (see Globe Life Field Seating Chart). The prices are fair for these seats, and the view is decent. They’re also the most convenient seats to get to, located right inside the main/north entrance to the ballpark. And while it will take a 400+ foot shot, there is a chance you’ll catch a home run here! Vivid Seats and TicketNetwork list these tickets for $30-$50 with all fees. Coupon codes are often available to help cut the cost even more!

Globe Life Field seat view from Section 140
Globe Life Field section 140 view – best value at Globe Life Field

If you want to pay even less, then you’d be looking for tickets in the upper levels, in the outfield corners. Section 325 typically has the lowest “get in the door price”, sometimes under $25.

Rangers section 325 Seat View
The lowest price Texas Ranger tickets can usually be found in section 325

Best Seats to Impress Guests at Texas Rangers

Some of the most impressive (reasonably affordable) seats are First Base Club sections 15-20, right by the Rangers dugout. Not only do these padded seats offer a great view of the game, they also provide access to exclusive areas of the stadium. The StubHub Club behind this section comes with included food and beverages – including craft beer and wine. These seats are sold-out through the Rangers, however, tickets are available on the secondary market. StubHub has the largest inventory of these seats…but the lowest all-in price of tickets (after fees, taxes, and other add-ons) is at Ticket Network and Vivid Seats.

Best Seats at Texas Rangers new ballpark - section 19
First Base Club Section 19 offers one of the best views at Globe Life Field
View inside StubHub Club at Globe Life Field
First Base Club tickets grant you access to all-inclusive food, beer, and wine in the Stub Hub Club

Getting Autographs (or not!) at Texas Rangers New Stadium

Ranger autographs: Getting autographs from Ranger players is much more difficult in the new stadium. First, the field level sections are restricted to only those with tickets in sections 1-26. Next, if you’re able to get down there, you’ll find netting spanning the entire foul portion of the lower deck (section 1 to section 26). If that wasn’t enough, there are the field-level suites and the 1st/3rd base clubs serving as a moat between you and the players…making it difficult/impossible to get autographs from the players after warmups.

Autograph sessions were planned by the Rangers on the concourse, however this has been suspended due to COVID. We hope this is instituted later in the season:

  • Tuesday nights: Open to ALL FANS, two Rangers will be signing autographs after batting practice (around 5:30). Just follow the signs posted at the entrance gate to find the location.
  • Thursday nights: Similar to Tuesday night’s autograph session – but reserved just for CHILDREN. Although no age limit is posted, assume this is for 13 and younger.

Visitors autographs: While netting protects the sections around the visitors dugout, there are 3 sections near the visitors bullpen, sections 27-29 (see seating chart). While you’re elevated from the players, some may be willing to sign a baseball and toss it up. However, players are unlikely to sign autographs once the game starts (they’re technically not allowed).

Globe Life Field Left Field seats during batting practice
Sections 27-29 are near the visitors bullpen in left field..not ideal for autographs, but about the best shot at Globe Life Field

Globe Life Field with Kids

The Rangers new stadium does not have a lot of fun activities for tweens and teens. The play area is on the upper level in center field, and rather unimpressive. It seems like an afterthought, and resembles the play area at your local shopping mall.

While distant from home plate, the seats in Outfield Pavilion sections 238 and 239 are adjacent to the children’s play area. For as far away as these sections are, the view isn’t as bad as you’d think. Also, these seats get good shade, so that’s one less concern for parents. There are plenty of concessions around this area too.

View from Globe Life Field Section 239
Outfield Pavilion Section 239 view; very close to Children’s Play area at Globe Life Field

Also, Sunday afternoons are $1 Ice Cream Days (at the Grab-and-Go Blue Bell standsNOT ALL STANDS) so be sure to get an ice cream bar or sandwich there.

Globe Life Field with Kids
$1 Ice Cream on Ice Cream Sunday at Globe Life Field!

We liked the upper right field seats at the old Rangers stadium (Globe Life Park), but not so much here. These sections seem much further away at the new park, and you miss out on the large video board. During the first season, these were the All You Can Eat seats – it has since been relocated to sections 27-33 in left field.

Texas Rangers All You Can Eat Seats View
Right Field Pavilion, including section 236 (pictured) are distant from home plate


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